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The Sydney Development Fund has been specifically created to provide investors with the opportunity to invest in a high yielding mortgage loan identified by us. You have the choice of selecting which mortgage loan is suitable for you, or alternatively you can leave the selection to us.

The Fund currently has mortgage investment loans paying up to 9% per annum and investors receive distributions once their funds have been allocated to a mortgage loan.

The investments of one or more investors are combined into a specific first mortgage and, unlike a pooled fund, investors are then provided with details of the specific investment through supplementary disclosure.

The minimum investment in the Fund is $5,000.

Investors can select their own specific investment opportunity or can appoint us to select the investment opportunity on their behalf, in which case a 14 day “cooling off” period applies.

There are no entry fees and investors can withdraw their funds once the specific loan in which they have invested is repaid. If part

repayments of the loan are made during the term of the loan, this money will be available to investors in that loan.

The withdrawal price of units is calculated as the net asset value of the loan divided by the number of units on issue in the loan.

Distributions to investors are dependent on the terms and conditions of the loan but are normally made monthly and are paid directly to investors’ nominated accounts.


To invest you must read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS),
fill out the Application Form and send it to us with your cheque attached. To obtain a copy of our PDS click here or contact us via the 'Contact Us’ page. Investors wanting to invest additional funds can download an Application Form here.

Investors will also need to complete and submit the Additional Information form on the Forms page which applies to their situation.

Freecall: 1800 644 805




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